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Hi, my name's Jon and I am based in Bromley, South East London, England. I caught the travel and photography bug back in 2015, and at the time had no intention of taking photography too seriously. As with all good intentions, that went out the window. 

During my travels, I like to shoot to inspire others to travel to the locations I visit, or provide images that remind globe trotters of their travels. When shooting, I seek to emphasis the contrast of the locations I visit and (hopefully) you'll see this in my images, relying on natural and ambient light. I try to avoid cliche images, and seek to capture the essence of the places I visit and the people you find there. 

As my image quality improved, I felt it was time to start displaying them more professionally for others to enjoy, hence the building of this site. All images displayed on my site are available for purchase in a number of finishes, so if you like what you see please feel free to purchase and support me in making and taking images.

More purchasing options are available through my Etsy shop here:

If you like what I do, and would like to use my camera (with me attached to it) to shoot your event then feel free to send me a message. A few past events I have shot are:

@Family portrait

@Informal wedding

@Live music events

@Music promotional material

To stay up to date with where my lens is pointing next, check out my socials below. 


"The best photos anyone has ever taken of my band!" - Mike Morton, The Gift

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