Am I best I can be? 

I hope not, because it means there's nothing left to learn. 

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Engineer, wanderer and spectator, just a few words to sum up who I am. My name is Jon Woodard, the man behind the lens at J6 Pix Photography, self-taught and styled, I thrive on the excitement of creating interesting and evocative pictures. Taking photographs for me isn't just about the content within the frame, but the whole process of solving the endless puzzle; first attractively capturing the scene followed by the challenge of processing that file into a unique image that expresses my style and personality.

That style can be rather unhelpfully be categorized as 'undefined'. In a world where everything must be pigeonholed, I find it immensely difficult to fit myself into one category or another, so it's easier to describe my work thus, high contrast/saturation shot candidly or in a documentary style by natural light. Not very catchy I know.

My lens is most frequently targeted towards the destinations I visit and when stalking the streets, these can be easily described as Travel and Street Photography which I deem to be my subjects of choice and form the basis of my portfolio. I do number live event photography such as gigs and festivals, and informal gatherings and events such as relaxed weddings in my repertoire.

For purchasing, licensing and hiring enquires please feel to hit the contact button or through the social buttons below.


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"The best photos anyone has ever taken of my band!"

Mike Morton, The Gift

"An amazing day with an amazing photographer! I can’t tell you how happy I am with the shots J6 Pix took, I knew they would be great and in line with his usual standard of work but the whole experience was truly enjoyable. Thank you so much!"

Sam Dholakia - SPD Tuition and Coaching 

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